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Many say that employees are a company's greatest asset, and they are. But tending to the legal issues associated with employment of full time, part time and independent staff is a challenge. Well drafted employment agreements and motivational employee retention practices can make the relationship mutually beneficial for the long term. When issues arise, compliance with judicial and statutorily mandated employee rights is a must, given the existence of costly penalties and lawsuits.

Pre Employment

Advertisement, recruitment and hiring practices must abide by law, state and federal. Orientation and training issues arise. Selection of candidates should be embodied in written policies that are open and non discriminatory.

We assist in reviewing the application forms, letter of intent, offers of employment, and other initiating documents.

In the event that questionable information is found, we can help to verify or refute it.


Active Employment

While employed, issues arise. Employment contracts must be carefully prepared, and correctly define the relationship as employer-employee or independent contractor. Workplace investigations, privacy rights, drug testing, and disability issues exist.

State and federal wage and hour laws come into play, especially within the contexts of meal breaks, vacations, pay schedules, and overtime. Equal Employment Opportunity considerations aer always present, pertaining to discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Post Termination Issues

Upon termination of the relationship, contractual provisions may facilitate the separation, especially relating to confidentiality and unfair competition. However, open issues must be resolved regarding severance benefits, unpaid commissions and cash out provisions.

In many instances, we assist with a severance package that resolves all issues globally, for the benefit of both employer and employee. Where violations arise regarding confidentiality, we assist in sending cease and desist letters and, when necessary, filing for injunctive relief to enforce the agreement.